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The Harry Potter Art Exchange

Sharing the love.

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Gift art for wickedlywitchy.
rossellaohara wrote in hp_art_xchange
I hope you like it! ^^

Gift art for: wickedlywitchy
Artist: rossellaohara
Title: Will you marry me?
Subject: Ron/Hermione, post war and pre-epilogue
Medium: Watercolor pencils
Rating: G
Link of LJ cut to art:

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Where do I start!!!
My Italian isn't so good but from your journal I thought you said you didn't do something like this in a long time and you never thought you would Romione art right? ^^

I'm SO happy with this! I love their faces, so calm and accepting of something they both knew would happen eventually. I love that you drew them both in robes <3

The colors are amazing! (I'm always pleased with colorssss I don't know why hehe )

Thank you SO much for this lovely gift!

Hehehehehhehehehehe! ^^
Yes, you are right, in my journal I was speacking about how much weird is draw het art for me! XDDDD Originally Ron/Herm was my OTP, then I was conquered by slash and I have lost interest in het. I draw only one fanart R/Hr (this is the 2nd), if you are interested you can see it on my DeviantART page (link is on my LJ)... the xchange is funny for this reason too! ^^

I'm really glad you like it! Thank you very much, your compliments are very much appreciated. ^///^

This is lovely! Such pretty colourssss!

Thank you very much! You are really kind! ^^

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