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The Harry Potter Art Exchange

Sharing the love.

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For Lokeloke <3
naturegirlrocks wrote in hp_art_xchange
Gift art for:lokeloke
Title: Inappropriate for the workplace, (wait until we get home)
Character(s)/Subject(s): H/D
Rating: PG-13 Warnings: none
Artist Notes: You asked for Aurors and Superheros, hope you like it <3
Link or LJ cut to art:

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Dark and still bright, great work!
The gloves are such a hero-ey detail, love it!

Oh I love the capes and the shading!

Cute! Aurors should totally wear this underneath their wizarding robes. :D

Wow, so colorful and purple! Good job!

Waaa! Sorry for my super late reply - having some problems in RL. I love it! Swishing capes, slashing wands and adorable wands! What else a girl like me needs! <3333 Oh, and the gloves? Awesome! Thank you very much!

P.S. - I'm really sorry for the delay on my side, but rest assured that I will complete the assignment as soon as I deal with the load of crap that fell on my head recently.

You are welcome<3

No hurry, I know all about RL problems ;)

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