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The Harry Potter Art Exchange

Sharing the love.

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Giftart for spoiled_sushi
hybiscus wrote in hp_art_xchange
Gift art for:  spoiled_sushi
Title: Still foe?
Subject: Harry/Draco in their uniforms
Medium: Photoshop
Rating: G
Artist Notes:  eeeep! I thought I couldn't make it but I finished it on time! *shakes fist*  One of the options was Harry/Draco so I went with this idea :)
Link or LJ cut to art: 

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They look hot together. Cool shirts!

Omg! This is so sexy! Thank you so much!

I'm sorry, but I'm still working on yours! I was working on my Big Bang entry,, and life got in the way, but I'll finish it soon! >.

I'm really glad you like it! And don't worry,take your time! xD

The shirts!
The texture!
The hair on both!
Lovely and awesome! ^^

Oh man! *drools*
How fabulous is this? Guh!
I love the texture of the shirts and that way they are embracing and staring at each other is perfect. *glee*

Yesssss tie holding :DDD! This is great - I love the peek of Draco's Dark Mark and ring, and the clothes/draping is v nice!

Tie pulling! <3 The whole picture is lovely. :D

Awesome! I love the tie-pulling and the folds of their shirts are nicely done. :D

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