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There's little more disappointing when signing up for an exchange than not receiving your intended gift.

So in an attempt to prevent this from happening in the Harry Potter Art Exchange going forward, we are asking our wonderful members to sign up to be a pinch-hitter in the rare event that a participant cannot finish his/her gift art. A roster of generous, pinch-hitting artists will be established to come to the aid of those threatened to be art-less.

What This Means

→ In the event that a participant has dropped out of the exchange, a pinch-hitter may be contact to draw artwork for the partner of the individual who has dropped out.

→ To be fair, the same pinch-hitter will not be approached in every instance someone drops out. The greater the number of pinch-hitters the less frequent each will be contacted for help.

→ Pinch-hitters do not have to be participants in the current session. They can be, but it is not required.

→ Pinch-hitting is entirely voluntary and pinch-hitters have the option to decline the request, no questions asked and no reason required. Pinch-hitters can also request to be removed from the roster at any time.

How It Works

→ Complete the pinch-hitter sign-up template below and post it as a comment to this entry.

→ One of the mods will contact you if and when your services are required.

→ You will be given 2 weeks to complete the assigned task. If you finish early, then bonus! It means that you are both a generous individual and an awesome, efficient artist.

Pinch-Hitter Sign-Up Template:

[ Community & Posting Guidelines | Session Dates | FAQ | Pinch-Hitters | Artist Resources ]
[ Email the mods: hpae @ hibi-esque.com ]
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