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Gift for Cydienne!!
a self portrait
chibitoaster wrote in hp_art_xchange
Gift art for: cydienne
Title: The Dueling Club
Subject: Harry/Draco (preslash)
Medium: Pen and ink/Markers
Rating: G
Notes: Sorry about the lack of adult material. I don't know why I was struggling so much. I had an earlier sketch, but really screwed it up, and then this just came to me. Feel free to icon or use however you see fit. :P
Link of LJ cut to art:

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they're adorable. great ink, great hair.
love the tiny castle, too. *g*

Thanks, hon!! Yeah, I'm really diggin' this style. I think I might work more in it later. :P

(Deleted comment)
haha!! Thank you!

Yeah, Draco knows he's got it goin' on, and Harry just can't admit it, the little git-let.


So glad you like it.

Oh this is awesome! *glee* I love the style--you really did that with markers??

yup. The ones I take to conventions. They're copic markers, so they blend really well.

I haven't really worked in this style much before, so it's a little strange for me, but I do like it!!

Thanks for commenting!

Wow, so cute! Great style! ♥♥

Thank you! It's been a mad dash for me all week, but then this just sort of happened. You know? I don't know how to explain it, but sort of an "instant inspiration" thing.


They are soo cute! The markers are awesome for this! Nice work!

Oh, you know, I'm getting back into markers. I wasn't using them for a long time and suddenly I felt like it again. Go figure.

Thank you so much for looking and commenting. :D

Gah, markers are so hard for me! You did SUCH a good job here!

It's cute!! I like it :D

Whee! Thank you so much. Yeah, years and years of fighting with them, and this is as far as I get. :P

Markers, I refuse to let you win!! *shakes fist*

OH cute!!! I love this style from you!
I'd love to see more work like this *COUGH* like Remus/severus/lily *cough*

I'm actually working on the Marauders right now. I think this is the first time I've drawn Peter. :D

Oh, neat! I can't wait to see. i don't draw peter too often too, I should, it's just I hardly do marauders.

Oh that's fantastic! I love the colouring and the expression on their faces! :) And the castle! ♥ Adorable.

Oooooh, I like it :) Potter`s face looks great with this expresion and he has such a lovely hair. You should draw them as kids! :)

That's so cute! Cranky!Harry is particularly adorable.

So much love! ♥! Harry looks so angry and his hair is so adorably messy.

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