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Giftart for rossellaohara!

Gift art for: rossellaohara
Title: Advantages of a Desk Job
Character(s)/Subject(s): Neville Longbottom/Blaise Zabini
Rating: All ages
Warnings: None
Artist Notes: Hope you like it! Pen and photoshop editing.

The only upside of a horribly short-lived & disastrous Ministry career
was meeting Blaise again - as adults this time instead of rival-house children.

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or at the AO3!

Giftart for Omens ^^

Giftart for: Omens
Title: We Meet At Last
Subject: After the big entrance of the foreign students Harry steals a moment to introduce himself.
Medium: Pencil, (bad) coloring in PhotoImpact. First time trying using technology to be honest. Click for full view.
Rating: Safe for all!!
Link of LJ cut to art:

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