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The Harry Potter Art Exchange

Sharing the love.

Fanart Fest!
Announcing hp_fanart_fest!

Giftart for vividescent (pinch-hit)
TBBT - Sheldon mouse ears
Gift art for: vividescent
Title: R.A.B.
Character(s)/Subject(s): Regulus Black
Rating: G
Warnings: A lot of orange?
Artist Notes: This is a (very late) Session 1 pinch-hit. My sincere apologies vividescent for keeping you waiting for your giftart. ♥
Link or LJ cut to art: R.A.B.


Giftart for rossellaohara!
beacon hills
Gift art for: rossellaohara
Title: Advantages of a Desk Job
Character(s)/Subject(s): Neville Longbottom/Blaise Zabini
Rating: All ages
Warnings: None
Artist Notes: Hope you like it! Pen and photoshop editing.

The only upside of a horribly short-lived & disastrous Ministry career
was meeting Blaise again - as adults this time instead of rival-house children.

under the cut,Collapse )
or at the AO3!

Giftart for Omens ^^
Giftart for: Omens
Title: We Meet At Last
Subject: After the big entrance of the foreign students Harry steals a moment to introduce himself.
Medium: Pencil, (bad) coloring in PhotoImpact. First time trying using technology to be honest. Click for full view.
Rating: Safe for all!!
Link of LJ cut to art:

Hi, I'm Harry.. Harry Potter..Collapse )

Gift art for wickedlywitchy.
I hope you like it! ^^

Gift art for: wickedlywitchy
Artist: rossellaohara
Title: Will you marry me?
Subject: Ron/Hermione, post war and pre-epilogue
Medium: Watercolor pencils
Rating: G
Link of LJ cut to art:

for karasu_hime
Gift art for: karasu_hime
Title: Where ever you are, Stay safe...
Character(s)/Subject(s): Snape (implied Snupin)
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Artist Notes: Thanks for making that pinch hit for me last session. I looked at your journal and noticed that you liked Snupin<3
Link or LJ cut to art:
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For Lokeloke <3
Gift art for:lokeloke
Title: Inappropriate for the workplace, (wait until we get home)
Character(s)/Subject(s): H/D
Rating: PG-13 Warnings: none
Artist Notes: You asked for Aurors and Superheros, hope you like it <3
Link or LJ cut to art:Read more...Collapse )

Giftart for spoiled_sushi
Gift art for:  spoiled_sushi
Title: Still foe?
Subject: Harry/Draco in their uniforms
Medium: Photoshop
Rating: G
Artist Notes:  eeeep! I thought I couldn't make it but I finished it on time! *shakes fist*  One of the options was Harry/Draco so I went with this idea :)
Link or LJ cut to art: 
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ART DUE for Second Session
Karasu Karattack

Hello Participants don't forget your art is due by:
August 31, 2011

Late Pinch Hit art for
Karasu Karattack
Gift art for: naturegirlrocks
Title: New Pet
Subject: Drarry and pet
Medium: digital
Rating: G
Link of LJ cut to art:

New PetCollapse )